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Private and confidential GP appointments in Manchester

Private GP appointments in Manchester

Your consultation can be arranged at a time to suit you and we offer a choice of appointment types according to your needs.

We understand that you want to be treated as soon as possible and so we endeavor to see you at the earliest convenient time for you.

A. Telephone consultation: 15 minutes £40

Not all appointments need to be face to face and many routine requests can be dealt with by telephone such as obtaining letters for specialist referral or scans and medication reviews for existing patients.

 B. Standard Appointment: 15 minutes with a Doctor. £55

This is a one to one, confidential appointment at our private clinic and suitable for most patients.  A 15 minute appointment is generally sufficient enough time for your doctor to discuss your concerns with you and provide the appropriate advice.

 C. Extended Appointment: 30 minutes with a Doctor. £95

An extended appointment may be recommended if the doctor feels a standard appointment does not provide adequate time to provide a comprehensive assessment of your condition. You are also able to request an extended appointment if you prefer more time to discuss your concerns or have several problems to discuss.

A private GP appointment at our Manchester clinic is relaxed, convenient and affordable.

D. Home visit: Price start from £165, depending on your location

Sometimes it is not possible to go to a GP surgery for an appointment due to physical or logistical constraints. Our Private GP can visit you at your home at a time to suit you.

Call now to make an appointment, on 0161 929 5679, or email Private GP: