Private Blood Tests – Phlebotomy Appointments


For individual Private Patients this usually requires a ten minute appointment with the Doctor or Nurse.  The cost of the appointment is £20 plus the cost of the blood test (lab fees), which will be provided when you book your appointment.

Phlebotomy appointments cater for patients who request specific blood tests.  If you are in any doubt as to what tests you require then we recommend you arrange to see our doctor in the first instance.

Blood tests Available:

Allergy Tests HBA1C Blood Test Prostate Profile
Beta HCG Hepatitis B Immunity Quantiferon TB
Blood Group Blood  Test Hepatitis B sAg Rheumatology Profile
Blood, Mineral and Vitamin Test Hepatitis C Antibody Rubella Immunity
CDT Lung Test HIV 1/2 Antibody Duo Sexual Health Tests
Cortisol INR Blood Test Thyroid Profile
Creatine Kinase Lipid Profile Urea and Electrolytes
DOAP (Drugs of abuse profile) Blood Test Liver Function Test Varicella Immunity
Female Hormone Profile MMR Immunity Vitamin B12 Blood Test
Full Blood Count Oestrodial Blood Test Vitamin D Blood Test
GSA Blood Test (Gluten Sensitivity) Prolactin Blood Test Well Man Profile
H Pylori Breath Test Progesterone Well Woman Profile


We can also provide blood sampling and analysis for companies and health worker agencies – prices on request: 0161 929 5679


Booking a Blood Test

We offer the blood test service in our Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham clinics as well as a variety of community clinics across the UK. Please call the booking team and one of our Healthcare professionals  will be happy to assist you.

Booking Line Number: 0161 929 5679