What are the benefits of having a Health Screening Examination?

The medical you will have will enable us to detect any signs or risk factors for major diseases. This will give you information that will allow you to take action to prevent or slow the progress of major diseases.
You are able to discuss your test results with one of our Health Screening clinicians after the medical. We will provide you with a separate appointment to discuss and conclude all your results. In addition, at the second appointment of your Health Screening, you will receive a personalised report and action plan which will help you to keep in the best possible health for the future.

How long will the Health Screening take?

The first appointment will take approximately 2 hours. The second appointment to discuss the results will take approximately half an hour.

How soon do I get my results?

Most of your medical results will be available on the same day of your Health Screening. Some tests such as pathology tests, cervical smear and prostate tests will need to go to special laboratories and their results might take longer.
The medical results will be included in your personal medical health report, which we will discuss with you at your second appointment. We will also use this personal medical report at future appointments to identify trends and compare changes.

What happens if my results are abnormal?

We always recommend that we keep your GP informed. With your agreement, we would write to your doctor informing him or her of any significant findings and advise you to see your GP as soon as possible.
Our team will be available for further discussion and can provide additional information at any time after your initial Health Screening.

How regularly do I need to have a Health Screening examination?

The doctor/nurse will recommend a date for your next Health Screening Examination depending on your individual requirements. However, our general recommendation is for people over 50 to have an annual visit. For younger people we recommend once every two years.
If I eat healthily, take exercise and generally feel fine – do I need a Health Check Up?
Yes – just because you eat healthily and take regular exercise and feel fine, you cannot be sure that you don’t have any underlying health problems. Many conditions are present with no obvious symptoms. Diseases can be more successfully treated when detected early and so regular checks could save your life.
A Health screening / Health Check-up is an excellent way to help you understand your current health and wellbeing. It also helps to identify areas of risk for the future.

What if I have an existing medical condition?

A Health Screening is not suitable for people who are seeking a specialist medical opinion about an existing medical condition. You should discuss your condition with your own doctor.

Where can I have my Health Screening Examination/ Health Checkup?

We offer this medical service in our Manchester and Birmingham clinics as well as a variety of community clinics across the UK. Please call the booking team and one of our Health Screening advisor will be happy to assist you: 0161 929 5679. (Currently only Altrincham)